Carlton 12' x 26" Dia. Radial Drill

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Carlton 12' x 26" Dia. Radial Drill
STOCK #112106


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Carlton 12' x 26" Radial Drill
Built 1940's
Capacity: Arm Length  144"
Column Diameter  26"
Spindle: Spindle Speeds: Minimum  10 RPM
Maximum  1,000 RPM
Main Motor  20 HP
Taper  #6MT

Equipped With:
Spindle Diameter: 4"
Vertical Travel of Spindle To Head: 24"
Traverse of Arm on Column: 8' 8"
Traverse of Head on Arm: 10' 8"
Min/Max Spindle to Base: 20-1/2" / 13,4-1/2"
Working Surface of Base: 4'9" Wide x 12'6" Long
Electrics: 220/440 DC Drive
Dimensions: 19'9" Long x 6' Wide x 19'5" High
DC Spindle Drive
Weight: 61,250 Lbs.
*Column has 4' Extension Overall
*In Plant Under Power

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