Mazak Hyper Gear 510 Laser

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Mazak Hyper Gear 510 Laser
STOCK #112576


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2006 Mazak Hyper Gear 510 Laser
Wattage: 4,000

Bed Size: 5' x 10'
Control: Mazak Preview
Resonator Hours: Approx. 11,000 on hrs, 6000 cutting hrs.             
                          Drives: Linear Drives on All Axis
Axis Strokes: X-120.87"/Y-60.83"/Z-3.94"
Approx. Machine Weight: 33,000 lbs.

Equipped With:

5/8" Capacity Load/Unload Cell
Air jet pierce
Three Try Restart
256 Part Programming
Constant Beam Length Delivery System                                  
Automatic Mirror & Lenses Contamination Detection
Assist Gas NC Control
Chip Conveyor
Non-Contact Profiler with Auto-Calibration
Chiller Unit
Auto Focus Measurement & Adjustment
Assist Gas Changeover
Super High Pressure Assist Gas Lines
Extra Nozzles
Torit Model DF02-8 Dust Collector
S/N 2319495-1    7  hp Motor
Auto Dump
Mazak 5/8" Capacity Load/Unload Cell
Maximum Material Thickness (Mild Steel) 5/8
Maximum Material Size      5 X 10
Machine Side (for one machine)
Table for loader with 50 mm support pitch
Clamp sensors
Auto "Power OFF"
Clamps for Load/Unload
Cell interface
Load/Unload Transfer Side
Suction cup loader and rake unloader
208 inch travel distance to allow processing for one laser cutting 
Stationary loading and unloading tables - 4400 lbs. capacity/each
Sequence computer to allow:   M-Code program activation, Manual 
Double Sheet Separator
Load/Unload capacity equal to machine table size by 5/8 inch mild 

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