Toshiba BTD 13R22

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Toshiba BTD 13R22
STOCK #113140


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5.12 Toshiba BTD 13R22
New 1995

Model: BTD 13R22
Control: Tosnuc 732
Spindle Diameter 5.12"
Milling Spindle	7.88"
Taper In Spindle #50
Table Cross Travel: X-Axis	118.11"
Vertical Travel of Headstock: Y-Axis 90.55"
Spindle Travel: W-Axis	27.55"
Saddle Travel: Z-Axis	62.99"
Table Size (Built In B-Axis)	70.8"  x  86.6"
Table Indexing B-Axis	.001   Degrees
Spindle Speeds (3-Ranges)	5-2500   RPM
Feeds	.04-141   IPM
Rapid Traverse	393.70   IPM
Floor Space	275"   X   288"
Overall Height	189"
Machine Weight	82,000   Lbs.

Equipped With:
60-Station Automatic Tool Changer
70.8" x 86.6" Built in tool changer
Chip Conveyor, Coolant System
30 HP Spindle Motor
Machine Comments: Great Condition!

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