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STOCK #113308


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Star ST-38P (Precision Type) Swiss Type Automatic Lathe  with Sliding 
Head Stock
New yr 2011
Control: Fanuc 30i Model A

Number of control axes (12 total simultaneous (4 on Path 1; 4 on Path 
2; 3 on Path 3)
Synchronous control/Superposition control (X1-X3 axes, Y1-Y3 axes, 
Z1-Z2 axes, Z1-Z3 axes)
Inerpolation function (Linear/Circular)
Synchronous rotation/phase control of main & sub spindles
Operation panel (10.4" color LCD display)
Coordinate command system (absolute/incremental commands can be used 
Decimal point increment possible
Diametric direction command (X1, X2, X3)
Feed command method [feed per minute (mm/min); feed per revoluation 
Electronic handwheel (1, 10 or 100 x one scale
Feed rate override (0~150% (changeable with 16-step rotary switch)
Override cancel
Rapid traverse override (0, 1, 5, 25, 100% - 5 steps)
Tool selection (T-code commands perform tool selection)
Tool wear offset (66 pairs each on Path 1, 2 & 3)
Program storage (equivalent of 20000m tape length in total for Paths 
1, 2 & 3)
Number of registerable programs (total of 1000 programs for Paths 1, 2
 & 3)
Absolute position detector (with the exception of Z2-axis (YA2-axis)
MC operation (Motion control)
Background editing
Threading function
Cut-off arc radius specifications
Tool geometry offset function (offsets of X, Y, Z axes)
Servo torque limit and servo monitor function
Memory protect function
Error detect
Automatic coordinate setting function
Position display function
Offset display function
Machining data display function
Program list display function
Timer function
Parts counter
Tool life management - 90 additional tool counters (Star's unique 
Keep relay conversational function
Automatic erase display function
Alarm message history
Clock display
Constant surface speed control


Electric & operation panel with 10.4 inch color LCD display
Electronic hand wheel
Pneumatic unit
Hydraulic unit
Stand-alone type coolant tank
Coolant level detector (Lower limit)
Automatic centralized lubrication unit (with level detector)
Door interlock system
Cs contour control (for the main / sub spindle)
Spindle clamp unit (for the main / sub spindle)
Spindle cooling unit
Coolant chiller unit
Back attachment
Sub spindle air purge unit
Drive unit for revolving guide bush
Air purge for revolving guide bush
Drive system for power-driven tool (turret)
Broken cutoff tool detector
High pressure coolant unit interface
Parts separator
Parts conveyor
Automatic bar feeder interface
Leveling bolts & leveling pads
Work light (cutting room, headstock room)
Earth leakage breaker (Rated sensitivity current : 30mA)
Tool kit (1set)
Synchr. Revolving guide bush S38
Coolant unit piping (for turret)
Parts ejector (Air Cylinder type)
Parts ejection detector (use with Spring Type Ejector)
Coolant flow detector
Helical interpolation

Equipped With:

LNS Sprint 542 magazine Bar Loader (12') w/ 3 guide channel and pusher
 sets 3 Turrets Sub Spindle Full C axis Y axis Tool presetter Chip 
conveyor High pressure coolant system / 1000 PSI Tri-Mist Mist Buster 
Parts ejector w/tube for long parts ejection ROTARY MAGIC GUIDE 
BUSHING Additional control options: Helical Interpolation, Flexible 
Synchronous Control TOOLING: (23) stationary turret tool holders, 
Polygon attachment, Thread whirling attachment, Gear hobbing 
attachment, High speed 2 spindle cross drill attachment, 2 spindle 
front drilling attachment. Manuals Machine is reported to be in 
excellent / like new condition having ran oil.
coolant through turret with chiller unit, many collet holders.
Parts catcher with parts conveyor

Machine Hours: 6705 power on
               3696 run time
               1388 cutting time

PRICE....................: ${please call for price}